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Cattle rancher in Western NC, Northern AZ

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I have recently been accepted and admitted to Montana State University. I heard about this program from the Sustainable Food Systems department at the university. My partner and I are full time farmers who have been farming our entire lives. We are in transit right now preparing to make the move to Montana in March of this year. In that meantime we are staying with family in New Hampshire. We have spent the last 5 years in Western North Carolina. I was a Farm Director/ Farm Instructor for Appalachian State University as well as a full time student enrolled in their Agorecology program. My partner is a Sustainable Food Systems and Community Outreach Undergrad graduate from Appalachian State University, and we both have worked for a varietey of NPO's, CSA's and farm related businesses. Along with working with other businesses, we had our own very successful small LLC in Ferguson NC, called Bub's Provisions. We were featured in 4 local restaraunts for our beef and poultry products as well as 2 grocery stores for our homegrown berries and fruit tree products. We were also apart of a regional food hub based out of Boone, NC. We decided to make the move because of our desire to farm in a


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Our main goal is to grow traditonal indigenous crops, my background(Kade) as an Indigenous man is to bring back crop varities that have disappeared or are underutilized to help climate change mitigation and bring indigenous foodways and knowledge back to the forefront of modern ag. We would also like space to do butchering services for homesteaders and the underserved community and help create a cooperatively owned butcher site that people could use to keep their animals local and as stress free as possible.
We plan to mainly focus our efforts on fruit/and nut trees, seasonal and season extension crops and permaculture/organic growing. We would also like to focus more on producing quality compost and biochar products for our local community.

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We are interested in co-ops, communal living, CSA's and other regional food hub arrangements. We would also be interested in doing rotational grazing with our cattle alongside fruit orchards or solar grazing in solar fields.

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We would love to learn more about our local market and how to better serve it. As a Native American myself, I want to learn how to serve underserved communities and to grow in a traditional way and practice traditional ecological knowledge in my agriculture.

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