Listing Information

Counties of interest

Flathead, Lake, Missoula, Ravalli

Planned Operation

Small Animal (pigs, rabbits, poultry), Vegetable, Fruit/Orchard

Check all experience and education that apply to you and your farming partners

Farm/Crop management (3 years or less), General college degree, General farming (over 3 years)

Land Tenure

Buy/Sell, Lease

Briefly describe your current occupation(s) and responsibilities and list previous agricultural employment and experiences. If you are currently farming or ranching, please state the size, type(s), and location of the operation.

Currently I am the farm manager of a small vegetable and flower farm where I have full responsibility of the vegetable side of things from crop planning to marketing and sales. I have around an acre of bed space in cultivation and am producing for two local farmers markets, an onsite farm store and a few wholesale accounts.



Farming Practices


Please elaborate on the type(s) of agricultural operation you plan on running.

I would like to run a small organic vegetable farm following regenerative practices. I would need space for a 1-2 acre field, prop house, a few high tunnels, and some sort of structure with access to electricity and potable water for a processing area. I would run a small CSA, go to the local market, and provide any excess to wholesale accounts. The option to develop a fruit orchard and keep chickens would be ideal.

Onsite Housing