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The past two summers I have been employed at MSU's organic horticulture farm where I have learned the in’s and out’s of small scale vegetable production. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Mi, where my first significant exposure to agriculture was volunteering at an urban cut flower farm called “Detroit Abloom” in exchange for growing space. The most extensive work experience I have is working at a bike shop in Detroit called “Biketech” for around 4.5 years along with one “season”(spring,summer,fall)at “summit bike and ski” in Bozeman which has given be a good base of mechanical repair knowledge. I am currently looking towards graduation and what I am going to do once I am done with school. I have long dreamed of starting my own farm but with the exorbitant cost of land in this day and age I never thought it would be possible, until I learned about farm link. Please feel free to reach out to me through my phone number or email!


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The overarching focus of my agricultural philosophy is minimizing inputs wherever possible,taking advantage of ecological function, along with the idea that less money I spend the less money I need to make. With that in mind, my ideal agricultural system would incorporate a mixture of annual(ex:leafy greens,tomatoes,squash,carrots,potatoes,peppers,sprouts) and perennial crops(berries,rhubarb,asparagus,fruit trees,herbs,grasses) with many different uses to diversify revenue streams(ex:fresh veg,storage crops,medicinal/culinary herbs,preserved/canned crops). Focusing on site specific design, ideally I would commit 1-2 acre to irrigated production for cash crops, and then utilize whatever other space is available for dryland bio mass production to use as the predominate nutrient input.

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I dream of being a steward of the land. I want to balance building a long term perennial food forest with annual crop production, with the focus on building a long term system being the "payment/service" in exchange for use of the land. Obviously this is up for a bit interpretation and would depend on the wants/aims of the land owner.

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It's one thing to be able to grow a bunch of food, but if you have no where to sell It what is the point? My main markets would more than likely be the bozeman farmers market, farm stand, and potentially down the road a csa. With the said any help with marketing or making personal connections with potential markets(restraints,groceries?) would be greatly appreciated.

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mechanical repair