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Currently volunteering/ working with a few cow calf operations /farm in New England as well as equestrian farms barn help/repairs exercise horses on trails in my spare time outside of working my main job in the hospitals , the size of the cow calf operations ranged between 30-60 and the equestrian barn where roughly 14-18 stalls ,paddocks , trails exercises


11-40, 41-100, 101-500, 500+

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Interested in cow calfing, growing fruits and vegetables,

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regenerative farming,

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I’m open to finding a rancher who owns a cow calf operation and looking for a successor becuz would gladly working with them with a arrangement as a apprenticeship until they are ready to pass the torch, im a family man with 3 kids and I’d love to teach them how to preserve this way of life

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I’m open to learning different methods