Listing Information

Counties of interest

Flathead, Glacier, Lake, Sanders

Planned Operation

Large Animal (cattle, sheep, goats)

Check all experience and education that apply to you and your farming partners

Agriculture-related college degree, Farm/Crop management (over 3 years), Informal apprenticeship, General farming (over 3 years), Other experience/license/agriculture or business training

Other experience/license/agriculture or business training:

Employed full time for a pasture-based farm welfare certifier. Food processing 10+ years combined experience.

Land Tenure

Buy/Sell, Lease, Partnership

Briefly describe your current occupation(s) and responsibilities and list previous agricultural employment and experiences. If you are currently farming or ranching, please state the size, type(s), and location of the operation.

Currently work as a Director of Quality for a nonprofit pasture-based farm welfare certifier and an engineer. Experience writing regenerative plans for farms and ranches. Degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Lived on a 2000+ head cow/calf operation (NE Sandhills) and most recently 300+ cow/calf operation (Snelling, CA). Haying, irrigation, calving, fencing, etc. experience. We raise quarter horses and have cattle and goats (weed abatement). Most interested in finding grazing land for our heifers. Food safety at a poultry processor and engineering for a large dairy processor. Caitie can write HACCP plans.


6-10, 11-40, 41-100, 101-500, 500+

Farming Practices

Conventional, Organic, Other

Please elaborate on the type(s) of agricultural operation you plan on running.

We're seeking additional grazing for our cattle and potentially for our horses and goats. In the future we'd like to offer beef and value added products for direct sales to consumers.

Elaborate on the farming practices you plan on using.

Intensive rotational grazing, if the land is suitable. Soil nutrient management, grazing management, silvopasture (if an option), focused grazing. General take half/leave half.

If you are interested in another type of business arrangement, please explain

Open to discussing other options.

Please elaborate on the kind of additional training/information that would help you:

Mentorship of successful business and financial planning would be helpful.

Please attach any photos that support your application.